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People Portraits

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  1. Select the number of figures (note that babies and pets are figures) that will be in the illustration from the drop down menu and purchase. For portraits with more than 6 figures, please contact me for a quote.
  2. After you purchase the listing, please email me at with photos of the people/pets that will be in the illustration. The photos are used to get an idea of hair/skin color, hair style/length, height, etc. If you would like a specific hairstyle, outfit, or details, please specify what you would like or provide photos. Include any text you would like at the bottom of the portrait. For example, family name, first names, date of wedding, etc. or you can choose to leave it blank.
  3. I will email you with a proof of your illustration. This will be your opportunity for minor revisions. Once you approve the illustration, I will print, pack and ship it to you the next day.